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Your Pathway

You are here!

Get in touch so we can make you  an appointment

We'll give you our information pack

We will organise an initial appointment with our Surgeon

Look at our online information sessions

As well as an initial appointment with our Psychologist

And an initial appointment with our Dietitian

You'll be issued your diet & exercise plan

The surgery date will be set

Pre-surgery appointment with the Surgeon

You'll receive your pre-surgery nutritional education from the Dietitian

4-6 weeks pre-op

Optifast Diet Begins

Surgery Day!

2 weeks pre-op

Our Surgeon, Nurse and Dietitian will see you in hospital

1 week post-op

Bone Density Scan done after one year

1 year 


Access to our Online Membership portal

Our Dietitian is available to you for two years after your surgery as part of the program

Weight loss support groups available through the process

Even after that we can support you as and when you need

2 years post-op

Unlimited attendance of our weight loss/maintenance support groups

On-going support and follow-ups are strongly recommended for all patients

Bone density scan done again at around 5 years post-op



Get in touch with us directly


Members check your line forum

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