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Our MDT Philosophy

Our 'Multi Disciplinary Team' approach is what we determine to be the strength of the practice. Using the skills and experience of many to assist the needs of each patient gives them the care and attention they need as well as ensuring they receive the solution which works best for them.

Medical Support

It is vital to the process that your bariatric surgeon provides you with plenty of support throughout your bariatric journey, not just at the time of surgery. Michael has a wealth of experience and the conscientiousness to provide you with regular support before and after surgery, to not only improve your medical conditions but also your quality of life.


He is widely known as the most experienced bariatric surgeon in New Zealand and continues to regularly goes overseas to ensure the very best techniques used worldwide are available to patients. 


In addition to our surgeon, we have a nurse specialist to aid and support you throughout your bariatric journey.

Psychological Support

Obesity affects many areas of life and lifestyle. It is implicated in anxiety, depression; stress disorders, substance use and relationship issues. Overeating or binge eating can be used as a coping strategy in times of stress or to cope with trauma or grief. Therefore, when you are making significant life changes it is beneficial to include psychological support.


To ensure the greatest chance of success we offer psychological support throughout the process and for as long as is needed after that through our fantastic support groups.

Dietetic Support

It is widely accepted that quality dietetic support is crucial throughout your bariatric surgery journey as it relates to the success of the procedure. It goes far beyond simply advising on healthy foods to eat:

  • They will help prepare you for surgery by consulting on eating behaviours (why and how you eat), non hungry eating, assessing the adequacy of your diet, and identify food intolerances or nutrient deficiencies.

  • They will provide nutritional education for successful adherence to the pre-operative diet for liver shrinkage.

  • After surgery they will monitor you for nutrient deficiencies, constipation and a broad range of counter-intuitive eating behaviours which may create barriers to your success.


The dietitian will help you identify where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Clerical Support

Rock solid support within our team - for our team. This allows our specialists to focus on what is most important - the patient.

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