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Why Choose Us?

We are the most established weight loss surgery practice in Auckland.

Having completed over 2,000 surgeries across both public and private, Mr Michael Booth is the leader in his field.

We offer a wide range of support that goes on long after the surgery is completed.

The team provides medical, psychological and dietetic support from start to finish - and beyond!

The surgery is only the first step but our dedicated specialists are available for years to come.

Our results speak for themselves!

We have always attempted leaders in our field and as such have spearheaded and contributed to research on multiple occasions. Here is some of the research if you'd like to have a look!​

Patients get to choose their date of surgery- often within two months of making contact


Getting the ball rolling in a timely fashion is important to us. Everything going as planned, we can have the surgery completed and continue the patient on their road to weight loss.

We have a unified multi-disciplinary team


Leveraging the skills of our surgeon, psychologist and dietitian, we have a comprehensive team skillset needed to create a plan tailored to our patients timing and needs - as it should be.

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