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There are so many things I can now do: I can cross my legs, I can kneel and crouch when gardening, I can run throuh the park, bike ride by the sea and can skip down the front steps.

There are also the things that I don’t do now: I don’t grunt when I get down to the floor, I don’t need an extender belt on the plane, I don’t see myself in a shop window and think Dear God, you are fat. I see myself and, if I think anything at all, I think, I am ordinary, I am normal, I am like other people.


I started at 160kg and now weigh 97kg. At one point I got down to 92kg but my wife said I was too skinny!

I was suffering from chronic sleep apnoea and cellulitis, was heavily dependent on Tramadol for pain relief and not coping with life in general.

As my weight declined I all of these reduced or went away - including the reliance on pain killers.


I'm 34 years old, single and for most of my life I've been overweight. I had tried various diets, you name it - I've tried it!

I have lost 22kgs, feel great, have more confidence in myself, have heaps of energy and most of all I am happy with myself for the first time in a long while.


This has changed my life. I wish I had known about this operation 10 years ago as it has been one of the greatest things ever to happen to me. I am a new person. It has ultimately changed my life for the better, both physically and mentally. 

Within 5 months of having this procedure done I finally got to swim with my kids at Christmas, feeling enough growth in my self-confidence to wear my togs.


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