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Client Podcasts


In a series of podcasts, Sian Jaquet a client of Surgical Weight Solutions, interviews fellow clients about their experiences, what led them to bariatric surgery and their journey following the surgery and team support.


Hannah podcast.jpg

Hannah as a young woman who has struggled with weight shares her journey that brought her to undergo surgery at an early age and has opened up a whole new world for her.

00:00 / 38:54


Liz podcast.jpg

Liz shares her journey. The impact of the change has created some unexpected challenges. 14 years in Liz opens up to the ups and downs, how to handle the relationships with your significant other and your kids, plus tips on where to buy clothes for your new body.

00:00 / 45:15


Nate podcast.jpg

As a 41 year old man, Nathan shares his story of being a martial arts expert but trying to maintain his weight through failing diets and looks to the future with a more positive attitude and new work opprortunities. And courageously priortises his health above all else.

00:00 / 42:30


Lynne podcast.jpg

Lynne talks about the origins of her weight gain journey alongside her challenging issues with food. Plus the positive affects the bariatric surgery has had on the confidence of her daughters and her own self confidence. Lynne also talks about the joy and challenges of buying clothes for her new body. The key to her success is not just the quality of the surgery, but also the psychological journey and the clinic’s support group.

00:00 / 47:34


Michelle podcast.jpg

As a self described, champion dieter, Michelle came to the conclusion that bariatric surgery was the only option for her. How has this affected her relationships ? And some of the realities of what to expect if you eat the wrong food, the symptoms of dumping. Plus the excitment of engaging in sport and a renewed confidence, brining rewards at work.

00:00 / 36:52


Amber podcast.jpg

As a young woman Amber talks about her developing issues with sleep apnia due to her weight causing her serious health issues and her decision to take the step to have bariatric surgery just I month ago. Plus the judgement in the past she has felt at work due to her weight and the positive future she is looking towards

00:00 / 33:02


Kay podcast.jpg

Two years into surgery, Kay speaks of the initial clothes freedom and confusion as to what to wear. She shares her psychological journey, the highs and the lows and the benefit of the support group.

00:00 / 37:39
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