Support Groups

There is a monthly support group for you to join after surgery. There is no additional cost or time limit on attending the group



The first Wednesday of every month



Surgical Weight Solutions Clinic

13-15 Shea Terrace


Unfortunately we are unable to hold support groups at Shea Terrace while we are in either level 3 or 4. We would love to see you at the online group, which is on the first Wednesday evening of the month. To gain the link to the group email us on


Take care, contact us for support when you need to, and see you all in level 2.






Facilitated by Catherine (psychologist), expertise provided by all the participants


What happens:

The group is semi-structured with a focus on support. This includes applauding change, answering questions and normalising the process


Book in by phoning and reserving a place or request to be put on the list prior to surgery and sent a txt to remind for the first group after surgery.