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The Story of Dee

What was your life like before you had weight loss surgery?

Life was pretty tough, I’d suffered from Depression and anxiety for many years and was on a large concoction of medications. I had battled addiction and suicidal ideation years prior. Low self-worth was something that continued to plague me. My size got me down and I lacked a lot of confidence. I was a hot mess on a daily basis, my joints ached from just doing the basics and my energy levels were at an all-time low. I avoided social situations as much as possible

What inspired you to seek help for weight loss?

I’d been caring for my terminally ill Mum and I promised her that I would take the time to take care of myself after she died. I wanted to be healthy physically and mentally.

What were the biggest challenges you faced during your weightloss?

Self doubt and the fear of failure

How did weight loss surgery change your life?

Negative changes – The only negative is that Ive had to get used to a new shape with not having the curves I once had. It’s not bad, it’s just different!

Positive changes – the biggest improvement for me personally has been the mental clarity - the fog lifted within a very short time. The large concoction of medications that I took prior to surgery drastically reduced almost instantly. I’ve learned a lot about myself on this journey and have loved seeing the changes physically along the way without a doubt. I can now wear things I only ever dreamed of wearing previously. I now look forward to socialising, my confidence has increased. I've learned to love the person I am now, but also the person I once was.

How was the overall experience and support you received?

I’ve valued the support from Ella, Catherine and Lyn along the way. The majority of the time Ella has been my “go to”, her advice is very balanced and I’ve felt reassured that I am on the right track, and encouraged to look at other options when in doubt.

From your experience, what advice would you give to anyone contemplating weight loss surgery?

Remember your WHY!!

It is not a matter of having the surgery and forgetting about it. Commit to changing

It can be very hard at times but perseverance pays off

Set small goals and reward yourself with non-food-related things.

I’m grateful that I’d spent years in therapy prior to the surgery, it set me up for the surgery journey.

Surgery is just a tool, it fixes your stomach, not your brain.

Mentally it can be very hard at times. Don’t let other people’s comments discourage you.

People are often well-meaning but lack the understanding of this journey. Listen to your team and avoid advice on social media.

Everyone’s journey is unique to them, don’t compare yourself to anybody else.

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