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Online Member Information

Once your surgery has been booked we will sign you up for our exclusive member benefits so you can set up your profile so you can set yourself up for success in this new journey you are on.



As with all our post-surgery services, this online membership lasts for 2 years post-surgery. Should you not wish to become an online member you simply have to let one of our team know and they can remove you from the online database.

Becoming an Online Member.

All patients of Surgical Weight Solutions can automatically become members. 

Online Member Benefits

  • Easy access to resources

    • Created by the fantastic team at Surgical Weight Solutions.

  • Utilise the patient forum

    • You can ask questions, read answers to other questions, discuss various topics with other patients experiencing a similar journey to you - all backed up once again by the knowledge and experience of the Surgical Weight Solutions team.

  • Track your weight

    • We have custom-built a weight tracker so you can see your progress over time. Knowledge is power so knowing how you're tracking can only be a good thing!

  • Journal your progress

    • The journal function allows you to write your thoughts as and when you have them which can keep you focused and remain on track.

  • More easily contact our team

    • Thanks to Skype technology our team is more accessible than ever. 

Online Member Benefits

There is a long list of benefits to becoming an Online Member which can only be experienced through proceeded with Surgical Weight Solutions. They include:

Beyond two years?

Our support will be there for you as long as you need it!


For our support groups and online membership access, we will have a nominal fee that will allow to you retain access and keep the progress going!

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