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Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (Tube Gastrectomy)

This operation removes the outer ¾ of the stomach and effectively turns it into a long gastric tube. This is why it is referred to as a "sleeve" gastrectomy. It is purely restrictive and unlike the other operations it is not reversible.

It may be suitable for patients who do not want an adjustable band or who may not be suitable for a gastric bypass. It can also be used as the first stage of a later more definitive procedure ie: it can be converted easily into a gastric bypass or a malabsorptive procedure such as a duodenal switch if more weight loss is required.

Early results are encouraging, with better weight loss than adjustable bands. Longer term results are not yet available, however there is the concern that there may be long term weight regain. As with all weight loss operations, a continuing diet and exercise programmme is necessary

Stomach Stapling, Gastroplasty


  • Permanent
  • Non-reversible
  • This is a restrictive procedure without any significant foreign body (adjustable gastric band)
  • Less malabsorption of minerals or vitamins
  • The surgery can be converted at a later stage to a gastric bypass if weight loss is unsatisfactory
  • Many people will not require any further surgery


  • No long term information of weight loss maintenance is yet available as this is a relatively recent procedure
  • Staple line leakage or bleeding may occur, (as with gastric bypass)
  • As with all weight loss operations, a continuing diet and exercise programme is necessary
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