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Christmas 2016

Weight loss from Gastric bypass VS Sleeve gastrectomy
Mindful eating and reconnecting with your food
Is junk food as addictive as drugs
Information Evenings

Winter 2012

Booths Babble
Depression after Bariatric Surgery
Quality of Life Questionnaire
Support Programme
10 Ways to Control Portion Sizes

Summer 2011

Randomised Controlled trial
Tips for survinin the Holidays
Tips for Social Functions
Support Programme 2012
Christmas Meals

Winter 2011

Booth’s Babble – Winter cold & exercise
Dietitian Directions – Stat’s & percentages excess weightloss
                                    Winter eating
Psychologist – Fear of weight gain after surgery, Sex after surgery

Summer 2010

Booth’s Babble – Multivitamin recommendations
Dietitian Directions – Band Buddies
Psychologist – Fighting Cravings, walking groups, optifast hints

Winter 2010

Booth’s Babble – Winter Hibernation
Dietitian Directions – Pregnancy and WLS
Psychologist – 10 most common mistakes
Advice Snippets – Relationships with significant others

Summer 2009

Booth’s Babble – Sleeve Gastrectomy Conference
Psychologist – Support group additions
Advice Snippets – Success habits of weight loss patients

Winter 2009

Booth’s Babble – The Great Weight Loss Ball
Psychologist – The sweet eaters guide to weight control after surgery
Advice Snippets – Audit results

Autumn 2009

Booth’s Babble – Vagal nerve stimulation
Dietitian Directions – pre-op vs post-op weightloss in GBP patients
Advice Snippets – Snacking vs Grazing

Summer 2008

Booth’s Babble – Emergency Admissions, band adjustments,   
                             Endoscopy examinations
Advice Snippets – Power through that Plateau                 

Spring 2008

Booths Babble – Washington Conference, Gastric Sleeves
Dietitian Directions – Nutritional guidelines, Vit D/Iron/Multivits

Summer 2008

Booth’s Babble – Tiredness after surgery
Dietitian Directions – Meal Plans
Advice Snippets – Constipation, follow up is vital

Winter 2007

Booth’s Babble – New personal folders
Dietitian Directions – Introducing Nikki Talacek
Advice Snippets – Fruit, Vegetables & Fluids

Spring 2007

Booth’s Babble – Swedish Obesity Study
Dietitian Directions – Surviving Christmas
Advice Snippets – Head Hunger, alcohol use
Psychologist – Why psychology is important to weightloss

Autumn 2007

Booth’s Babble – Inaugural news letter
Dietitian Directions – Separate solids & liquids
Advice Snippets – Abdominal pain

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